The gottaGolf Team

At gottaGolf, we believe a round of golf is about much more than a score. It's about the people and your experience together. Our goal is to connect you to the people that make golf more enjoyable and give you a simple way to keep track of all the great memories you make on the course.

Clint Jarvis

Chief Golf Addict

Clint is a passionate entrepreneur with a convenient addiction to golf. He has launched several companies and gained valuable insights through both his failures and successes. Don't hesitate to contact Clint with your thoughts, questions, or ideas

Kartik Patel

Software Engineer

Kartik is a talented and experienced software engineer. With corporate experience and entrepreneurial ventures of his own he brings a great deal of knowledge on both the business and technical side.

Jesse Wallace

Lead Product Designer

Jesse loves the details and making sure that GottaGolf users not only love how things look, but how they work, too. He brings a decade of design experience having worked on everything from small websites to complex enterprise applications.

Trong Tuan

iOS Developer

Trong is not only a great developer, but also very talented when it comes to UX and UI. He ensures the gottaGolf experience is seamless and intuitive every step of the way and constantly goes above and beyond what is asked of him. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing moba games.

Sanaullah Buriro

QA Engineer

San is a dedicated and well-trained QA. He not only ensures that gottaGolf functions as it should, but also offers great feedback on the user experience. San believes in a great UX and works hard to make sure that users are provided with a seamless experience.

Bradley Heath


Bradley is our digital marketing intern and just so happens to be a great golfer. He is currently attending South Forsyth High School where he is the captain of the golf team and is a competitor with DECA. Bradley brings a lot to the team with his enthusiasm for learning and growing the game of golf. He's also the only other team members besides Clint that actually plays golf!

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